Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Shenanigans

Big things are happening in the land of Shea! Alaska is doing the usual weather dance, a few days of intense sun followed by days of clouds and rain. The balance keeps us on our toes, one day cool, one day too hot. We work like mad on the sunny days and rest up on the cloudy ones.

What I hope will be my new backyard soon! Note that gorgeous blue sky!
Alaskan summer at its very best.
To this end, I'm beginning the long process of packing. Yes, the McMaster (O'Reilly) family is moving! After seven years renting a fairly nice house we're moving on up to a house with a bigger garage for my woodworker spouse. There are many bonuses to this move, although it will be some time before we can upgrade the hand-me-down / garage sale bargain furniture we've collected in recent years. We're looking forward to more space, quieter neighborhood, big kitchen, cozy writing room, decadent tub in the master bath, to name a few benefits!
We're excited and can hardly wait for the closing which is scheduled for later next month. Fingers crossed nothing trips that up!

In the meantime, I'm participating in the Summer Reading Trail organized by Voirey Linger. So many good books to peruse! This month, for a few more days, read the first chapter of Rachel Dahlrumple. Next month, read the first chapter of Six Foot Hero, which is winding down its contract with Lyrical Press. Be sure to grab a copy while it's on sale for 99 cents!

How's your summer going? Anything extra exciting happening?

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