Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blog Tour - The Half Way Point

Five blog visits down, Five to go!
     It's been a great week. I've made new friends, spilled a few secrets, put down a whole bunch of new words on my current WIP and NaNo project and I even got some laundry done. Yes, I think my husband is much more excited about that last line item, although he cheers when I get new words written.
     My big plans for this weekend include making a ginormous lasagna to send off with my husband for pinochle with "the guys" tonight. The host of tonight's event is our son's godfather, and he looooves my lasagna. Little does he know I'm lacing the sauce with good-for-him things like zucchini! He broke his leg a few weeks ago, so I'm doing my best to help him get strong and healthy again. Of course, can't go wrong with all the calcium in the cheese, right?
     I also have two more blogs to write for the rest of the blog tour. Why do we save the hardest ones for last? I always seem to come through with something that feels like Divine Inspiration at the very last minute, but really, my heart could stand a little less stress on such issues. 
     I was supposed to write these last two while I was in Mexico. *Snort* Fat chance that when I had so many other things to do, like laze beside the pool and watch the ocean. Hey, that's hard work! I was exhausted, completely exhausted, every night.
     Anyhow, don't give up on me yet! There's more fun stuff to come next week as I visit more awesome blogs, hosted by generous and lovely people. The rest of the schedule is below:
     Many thanks to the awesome folks at Goddess Fish and their blog partners for organizing this whole thing. I've signed up to be a blog partner, here and at The Morgan Diaries, so expect to see more great things to read and learn about. Hopefully we'll have more things than just Romance to read about. I'm open to all sorts of brain explosions. Just ask me if you have something you're dying to blog about, even if it isn't writing.
     Come to think of it, I want to know the story behind the name Goddess Fish. Has to be a good one!
     Stick with me this week and be sure to look for the results of the drawing.


Madelina R. said...

Oh yes, such exhausting work in Mexico! lol As to the lacing of the lasagna with good for you stuff, I say hooray a fellow "lacer" if you will. LOL I do stuff like that for my dad. I want him to be around for a long time and it's one way for me to ensure he eats right.
YAY on the moving along nicely on your WIP! Can't wait to read your new creation!

Shea McMaster said...

Yea Madelina! Yes, I stuff "good" stuff in. Hubby and kiddo don't mind, but I have friends and relatives who are almost proud of the way they avoid vegetables. I have a friend who added tofu and told her husband it was cheese. Yes, we're evil.

The WIP I'm working on is Book Three of the Open Windows series that began with Til Death Undo Us which released in July. Book Two - Courage to Live will be out in February! Exciting times. Look for the titles under my Morgan Q. O'Reilly pen name :)