Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Day Three of the Blog Tour

The Rachel Dahlrumple Release Blog Tour is off to a great start! I've had two good days with Tory Richards and Megan Johns. Feel free to go back and read the post and the interview if you like. I'm still checking for responses.

Or catch up to me today at Carrie Ann Ryan's Blog where we're talking betrayal. Is there a difference between fiction and real life?

As always, comment and get your name entered for a drawing at the end of the two week tour. I'll be giving away at least one mug and/or tote with the cover of Rachel Dahlrumple on it. Limited edition, cannot be purchased, available only as a give-away from yours truly. "Like" my page on Facebook and earn an extra chance! If the response is huge, I'll expand the list of prizes to whatever item at my Zazzle store I can stick the image on! More on that later.

For now, stop by and show me some love!

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